Hi I'm Karla Macedo. 

I'm a ui/visual designer working in the the bay area. 


Over the years I’ve transitioned from print oriented work to web and interactive design. I am always looking to refine my skills as I explore what it means to design for interaction as a user interface and product designer. I'm currently pushing pixels with a team of fellow designers at esurance (who are as passionate about learning by doing as I am.)

At esurance, I work closely with various teams of : stakeholders in integrated marketing communications, mobile, email, and product to flesh out and execute designs across all areas of the company.

In my first year, I made strides in updating key areas of the company website to mobile responsive design, and helped roll out out current mobile-first design philosophy. I designed A/B tests to improve page performance while adhering to brand standards. Lastly leading the efforts in rethinking the blog content, structure and adapting to the responsive web. 

I helped explore the Esurance Canada website updates, tailoring and expanding the Esurance brand to reach Canadian customers. 

Most recently I was the lead designer for DIY Ditties with the Scott Brothers, a celebrity-driven activation campaign, establishing the overall aesthetic and creating assets that ranged from a high-traffic microsite to marketing emails, album covers, and social media memes. 

Sometimes I wear tiny top hats. 


You should probably send me an email. 

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