Catching Up.

Back from a quarter of studying abroad and as much as I tried, to keep it consistent It didn't really last,.. I kept more of a photo journal than a blog of any sort.

In short..

To live in Berlin for 3 months was probably one of the greatest experiences anyone could ask for. Plus I got lucky with a group of individuals that I'll never forget; each one shared something with me that I'll always have, I learned from them all! We were lucky. We lived like the cast of Friends all on one floor with the ability to walk into each others room and just hang, vent, or just be in Europe in awe together.

The ART. Museums were insane but the real mind boggling art was on the streets. With thought provoking stencils just around every other corner Berlin was a haven for any street artist.

The food - We tried just about everything from Kat and Ruths infamous stinky cheese, the very Berlin Turkish Donner, overpriced slice of Ham in Paris, baguettes , Insanely good hot chocolate in Venice, far too many dumplings in Prague aka Praha, and ITALIAN Pizza and wine, artichokes and chocolates - too good to think of for too long without causing some sort of salivation and deep yearning for authentic Italian. Mitte Cafe = the best cup of Chai in Berlin. Mmmmmm....All of course in candle light, no matter how cheap a place was there was always room for a little candle light meal- with absolutely no rush.

We learned Indulging in different cultures from Rome to Paris that the average person changes personas - Germans are awesome once you get to know them but don't expect a random smile on the street. Italians are absolute lovers of life. Sweet and as joyous as they come. French are French not nice, though they can be, they aren't always. (nice)

Trains our mode of transportations. We quickly learned to Watch your food, someone might steal your rice cakes and spinach dip. Train rides don't always go according to planned although with the right people go by alot quicker. Sketchbooks make time go by alot faster and ipods make loud obnoxious things/people disappear.

My roommates rocked and miss em like crazy. Thank god for technology.

So I leave you with my failed attempt of a blog of Berlin and a glimpse of some of the pictures I took along the way.