Art boxes help lost people find what they are looking for.

Yesterday was one of those days that make it from beginning to end are great.I got to take some time to myself after getting red cross certified. I had no where to go just the urge to drive, a sketchbook and all my colors and pens that fit in my art box. Which I love. Those things are great, the perfect sized container for all my 'art stuff'.I drove out to the little place where you can see it all at half moon bay, a slightly hi den cove? I dunno but the sun set made my day. The right play list a warm sweater to fight the breaking wind and I got to just sit and draw. I miss the ability to do just that - carelessly, I used to be able to just sit and draw but now to sit and draw means your sacrificing time to some other more important activity.

I've always kind of collected quotes, from people that I'm inspired by both historic and relative to my daily life. The ones that stand out the most in my collection are the ones that I've acquired over the years of simply listening. And today I got one worth remembering. It was great because I was at the farmers Market buying my fresh veggies I overheard the most interesting conversation from the woman behind the various dry fruits stand. She was not shy to yell out "..hope your condition gets better!" to which a startled Mexican worker, dirty from all the boxes he was pushing around responded "What? Loneliness? that's a lifestyle you slowly get used to." Sad isnt it!? He said it in such a voice I almost wanted to cry. The crazy part is this man and woman both had been talking sweetly, as if they were a couple minutes prior to this little schpeal which left me pretty confused. Theres my random rant. I just gets weirder and weirder for me to finally understand what people are saying around me now that I'm back in the states.