Here's just a small sampling of some of projects I've been a part of over the last few years while part of the FABERNOVEL team in San Francisco. 



Think turbotax for the naturalization process. FABERNOVEL in partnership with helped create a new generation web application and user experience for the naturalization process while also providing a tool for advocates and lawyers to guide applicants through the process. 

SFMTA Real time transit dashboard PROTOTYPE 

A real-time transit dashboard that displays information on huge screens in Muni transit stations.

The working prototype integrates real-time data from multiple modes of public transportation and gives viewers all the information they need at a glance. The prototype can be tested at Van Ness Station in downtown San Francisco and various other BART/MUNI stations. A B2B solution is currently being developed.


BIOSCREEN is a medical ipad app used to help doctors and specialist visualize and help treat patients with multiple sclerosis. The FABERNOVEL team helped with the service design, visual design and prototyping of the application as well as implementation of various data sets of a selected reference population. 


In order to rebrand PARISOMA -- we created a new identity, a new voice, website, newsletter, print collateral and even redesigned the space to reflect our open and constantly growing brand. We created a new mission statement, competitive strategy and creating brand guidelines.

If a picture is worth a thousand words here are a few images of the new PARISOMA brand captured by it's members. 


Here are a few of the various branding efforts I've been a part of through out the years. 1. The Designer as Founder identity was created for the SF AIGA speaker series in partnership with PARISOMA. 2. The PARISOMA identity is part of a greater rebranding effort in which the logo transforms. 3. Discover BPS was created for the Code for America project in the city of Boston. 5. Civic Design Camp was held last year as part of learning experience for city officials and designers alike. 6. Lastly the Citizenshipworks logo was also an upgrade to their current identity.